11 Oct 2009

Coming Out Day is October 11/12

"Today is National Coming Out Day. This doesn't mean that today you have to come out to all of your friends and family. This doesn't mean that today, if you are already out that you should forget about the people who are still in. This doesn't mean that today is only important for the LGBT community. Today, is about being YOU! Today is about bringing awareness to the world why we are who

we are. "I'm gay!" - but not because I need or want attention. I'm gay - but it's not because I was abused in a past straight relationship. I'm gay - but not because I didn't have a father when I was growing up. Yes, I am a lesbian, but it's not because I couldn't get a man. I'm gay, but it's not because I have low self-esteem and think girls won't like me, or I want to get back at my parents. We are gay - but it's not because something dramatic happened to us in the past, and it's not because we're going through a phase.

The one and only reason that we are gay is because this is the way we were born! This is who we are. We don't choose to be gay. We choose to be happy with who we are.

Today, we are choosing to show this to the world. Today, even if it's just for today, be proud of who you love!"
National Coming Out Day is celebrated by communities in many countries including the US, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 11th of October. The UK's Coming Out Day takes place on the 12th this month.

In difference to big metropolitan Pride marches, this day should be taken to put the focus onto your close surroundings, your community as it is about you. The Internet is taken by many that are already out to friends and family to spread awareness.

P.S.: A little clip art (can be used as iPhone wallpaper) in Chinese since I'm in China at the moment


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