21 Mar 2014

Fred Phelps dies

Fred Phelps, founder and leader of the Westboro Baptist cult Church in the US has died. He was the one of most notorious homophobes whose distorted worldview was exposed in mainstream media and attracted worldwide ridicule and laughter. Homophobia has become a lot less attractive thanks to him as he made people realise that nut-jobs in his ranks are only worthy of our ridicule and pity. While he thus inadvertently did the gay movement a favour, he also tainted the image of Christianity, perverting its message of love and preaching pure hatred instead. Today, on the day of his death, he will get to know the truth at last, realise his idiocy and be judged for his sins. 
May his not be repeated all too often anymore. May we have compassion with those who misjudge us and aid their path to a better understanding of the truth.